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Swarm Transfer



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to outside the continental U.S.?

Yes, we do ship outside the US. However, the shipping is not cheap because of the size of the shipping box. We have found the most cost effective is USPS vs UPS or Fedex.

What is the length and diameter of the hose?

The hose is 1 ½” in diameter but has an adapter where it attaches to the catch box that is 2 1/4’’. Vacuum is shipped with a 10′ hose but the vacuum is capable of using a 20′ or 30′ hose with no problem. Instructions on how to buy a 50′ hose are included with the vacuum. We carry a 20′ and 30′ hose in our “bee” trailer but we use the 10′ hose for the majority of our removals.

Do you offer a battery powered option?

We do not have a battery powered vacuum option. We have experimented with battery powered vacuums but they just don’t supply consistent vacuum suction over a long enough period of time. We carry a suit case size generator in our van for the vacuum and any power tools we might need during a cut out if power is not available. Some people have a 110 converter mounted in their vehicle that can provide power. We have found a 100′ extension cord to a house outlet covers 90% of all cutouts or swarm pickups. The most common problem is that the home owner is not home, house is locked, and they have no outlets on the outside of the house. That is when we utilize the generator.

Is the vacuum loud?

Yes, the vacuum is loud as most shop vacuums are. For extended cut outs, we will use the 20′ hose to move the vacuum further away.